Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weird Ford Trucks from Brazil

I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves.  Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.  Enjoy!

Although most of these pictures were taken in front of a Ford factory in Brazil, I understand that they are NOT prototypes.  There are some really good ideas in here, including the truck-based cars (with trunks!).  I see a niche industry there in the US.

Suicide doors!!
Suicide doors!!

How about some "suburbans"?  Check out the rear end styling treatments.

More suicide doors!

These pictures were stolen borrowed from Blog dos Carros Antigos car blog.  There are more pictures over there.  Give it a visit if your Portuguese is good.

UPDATE: Here's another weird Ford truck I found in Brazil while cruising Google Earth Street View.  I've seen quite a few of these down there but don't know if it's strictly a factory or aftermarket job.

UPDATE: This one isn't from the above site, but I've included it anyway as an afterthought.  I *think* it's from Mexico.  I sure wish they had this one in the US.  


  1. Seems to me these great trucks would have sold very well in the US. Why didn't they import them? I remember in 62 I saw new Galaxies at my local ford store with stickers in the back window;
    "made in texas by texans" Imports of all kind were discouraged until the late 60s.
    Thanks for an Excellent article w wonderful photos.

  2. Those crew-cab conversions were artesanally-made. Only Chevrolet and Willys offered crew-cabs straight from the factory in Brazil during the 60's, with 3-door cabs, altough they didn't have a rear suicide-door layout. Later, aftermarket conversions started to become prevalent until the 90's when Japanese trucks started to dominate the market. Crew-cab versions of the S-10 were specifically developed to meet a Brazilian market need.

  3. Ford Brazil from its incorporation in 1919 concentrated on truck production until the introduction of the Galaxie sedan in 1967. I suppose these truck variants were, in Ford's view, better suited to the rough Brazilian roads than passenger cars. General Motors Brazil also went the truck route from 1925 until 1968 when it introduced its first passenger car.

  4. Aut'movel in the early industrialization of Brazil, in the 50s , there was a government organ, the GEIA ( called so if I'm not mistaken ) . This organ favored by utilities, so Ford , Chevrolet and preferably with no Willys chose to nationalize Trucks , Light and Heavy . The Willys and Chevrolet offered factory cab variations, Ford did not , so began to offer small encarroçadoras out options series

  5. With the import ban on 76, started having all kinds of customizations options for necionais cars. Both cars and trucks . The trucks had their heyday in the 80s , the green of Google, is a F -1000 , F -100 range launched in Brazil in 1972 (equivalent US in 1970 ? ) Who won this kind of bodybuilding . This lasted outnumbered until the turn of the century, although starting 1990 already there again imports and competition from Japanese and American SUV

  6. Well in short it is, and for those who want to know more about procute Brazilian trucks on google :

    Ford : F -100 ( 60-86 ) / F -1000 ( 79-98 ) / F -250 ( 99 > )

    Chevrolet : Brazil / Amazon / Dawn / Vacation / C -14 / C-10 / C-20 / D -10 / D -20 / Bonanza / Silverado / Grand Blazer

    Willys Rural / Pick- Up Jeep (F -75 version Ford)

    Dodge : D -100

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  8. Pictures 23 and 24 might be actually from Argentina, those "F-100 carrozada rural" were quite popular there and widely used as ambulances. The green 5th-gen F-Series is a Brazilian F-1000, roughly a short-bed equivalent to the F-250, which lasted until '92, and the cab is an aftermarket conversion. The Mexican panel van is a B-200, which was sold as a cutaway (much like the American Econoline cutaway vans) to be fitted with specialized bodies that included not just cargo and special variants such as ambulances but also some passenger wagons.

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