Tuesday, March 8, 2011

British Banger Racing.

British Banger Racing is a sort of combination of short dirt track racing and a demolition derby.  They race everything from Minis to Rolls Royces to big old American iron.

Among the heavier classes, the cars of choice seem to be American cars, limos, hearses and their British equivalents.  I've also selected "before" pictures in most cases since the object of the race is to destroy the car.  The "after" pictures are too depressing. 



Soviet ZIL

You can read more about Banger Racing here, but it's far more fun to watch it in action.  Here are a couple of videos for you to either enjoy, or cringe at.   

1 comment:

  1. old american cars are valuable, especially in europe;why destroy history,possibly
    yourself for a cheap thrill moment? my cousin ulrika in sweden would love to buy
    cars like this, i think; I guess british bangers are the equivalent of the stupid
    gets here in the states of lowly mentality. you are so ignorant.....


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