Saturday, March 26, 2011

110 Year Old Light Bulb

This really isn't auto related (unless you like fire trucks), but it's just one of those cool things you run into while cruising along the information highway.  It's also taught me not to be so specific when coming up with a name for a blog.

This light bulb, called the Centennial Bulb, is located at a Livermore, CA. fire station.  It has been burning virtually continuously now for 110 years.  That fact has been documented and recognized by Guinness and others.  Aside from an occasional power outage and being off for one week during a renovation back in 1937, it's been going and going and going.  Check out the fact sheet about it, along with the live webcam (slightly more boring than watching paint dry) just to see if its' still burning.


  1. Hey! This is Bored155 from tdiclub, and I'm from Livermore! I've seen this old bulb in person, and i'll tell ya, it's real! BTW, great site!

    Tom from Livermore,CA

  2. Hey Tom! *secret TDI handshake*

    How come they can't make stuff last that long these days? Except for TDI's of course.

    Thanks for the comment and the kudos.



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