Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prototype wagons: Ford

GM had their turn last week, now it's Ford's turn now to show off it's prototype/concept wagons.

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First up is the 1964 Aurora concept wagon.  It had lots of features including maybe the first "aerodynamic" headlights.  Instead of 2 or 4 round lights, it used electroluminescent strips at the front and the sides.  It featured lounge seating.  It featured a steering yoke, not a wheel.  It featured a large sunroof with adjustable polarization.  It even had what could be argued to be the first dash mounted nav system.

Next up is the successor to the Aurora, the Aurora II from 1969.  Not quite as dramatic as the Aurora I, but a nice interior nonetheless.

How about a combination fast back and wagon?  Here's the 1966 Ford Magic Cruiser.

The Mercury LeGrand Marquis for 1967.  While not a wagon, it does have a unique way of handling it's cargo.  Look how far down the trunk cuts into the side fender.

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