Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comment On This Blog or THE CAT GETS IT!!


Desperate times call for desperate measures, gang.  You can save Doodles by making a comment on this, or any of the other entries in this blog.  Tell us that you like what you see.  Tell us that it sucks.  It makes no difference.  Just let us know you were here. 

So far, this blog as 82 entries and almost 6,400 page views, and you know what?  It's received absolutely NO Twitter followers, NO emails, and the only comments on any of the entries are from a friend of mine I've known for 40 years and spends entirely too much time at his Macbook.  Does anyone come here for anything more than radiation reports?  

Remember....Doodle's fate is in your hands.   Don't let him down.  

The Management of "Caught at the Curb"


  1. O.K. easy now lower the gun, he may be a cat burglar but he is so cute give him the benefit of the doubt this time. Thanks for the entertainment. Keep it up so we can keep reading. Lil Red Spfd. Mo.

  2. Funny Picture. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    1. You should have included the followup picture. The cat was actually in the beginning of a leap toward the gun wielding thug and successfully disarmed the thug by scatching his face so badly that he needed six Ninja Turtle band aids to cover the scratches. By the way, I do enjoy this blog, grreat pics of many obscure automotive subjects.

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