Saturday, March 19, 2011

Top Gear China is here!

The Top Gear franchise has given birth to yet another version of the great British car show. 

Australia, America and even Russia have tried their hand at reproducing the UK phenomenon that has over 200 million viewers worldwide tuning in to watch England's version of the Three Stooges testing, fighting, hooning, and generally "cocking about" while  destroying vehicles of all kinds.   Now the Chinese are having their chance to try and succeed where the others have (more or less) failed. 

Here's a 15 minute clip (as long as it lasts it didn't last) of what to expect in the coming weeks.  Hope your Chinese is good.  You won't want to miss the test of a Cadillac vs. a donky cart!

Update:  It looks like the BBC has taken it down.  Sorry.  You can still catch it (for now) at Final Gear or Jalopnik

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