Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Real-Time Geiger counter webcams to monitor radiations levels in Japan.  I'm adding more as I find them, so check back often. 

Note:  Normal range is usually under 60 CPM. Over 130 is not good.
100 CPM is equivalent to 1 microsievert or 0.1 millirem.

NOTE:  Many of the sites linked below, especially the ones on UStream, are run by private individuals and may not have proper calibrations.   They should be used as reference only.

Sites marked "***" are still active as of Dec. 2012

JAPAN: (due to rolling blackouts, some sites may be offline temporarily) 
Otaku Radiation Level Japan Live: Otaku Radiation Japan
Tokyo Radiation Level Japan Live: Tokyo Radiation Japan Live
Chiba Geiger Counter Radiation Level Japan Live: Chiba Geiger Counter Live
*** Hino City updating graph: Hino City Graphing
Tokyo, Japan: Geiger_counter@TOKYO
Yokohama, Japan: Yokohama Radiation
EXCELLENT interactive map:  Target map (click, zoom, appears to be current)
*** Another good interactive map:  Japanese gov. site (I think)

Santa Monica, California:  EnviroReporter
USA Radiation levels: Radiation Network  
USA Radiation level map: Blackcatsystems 
EPA's USA radiation map: RadNet map (click on the bubbles for info)

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