Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Richard Jones, Tucker Club Co-Founder, Dies.

Richard Jones, Tucker Club co-founder, dies | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts

This is indeed sad. Mr. Jones was the “go to guy” for all things Tucker. His knowledge of them was encyclopedic to say the least. I’ve followed him for many years on the Tucker club’s website, and this is a tremendous loss for the entire Tucker community. 

RIP Richard, and thanks...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Could You Have Bought When You Started Driving?

I was going through some old newspaper articles on Google News Search today, and it occurred to me to check and see what used cars were around when I got my driver's license, and how much they would have cost.  

The paper is from Eugene, OR, because that just happened to be the paper I was looking at.  For the date, I picked one in July, 1970 which is the month and year I got my license.  

Just look at some of the stuff that's rare and expensive now, and how much I could have paid for it back then (if I actually lived in Eugene, OR).  

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You NEED this Jeep

Doesn't everyone need an 8-wheeled, Chevy 327 powered Jeep?  Check out this one found on eBay to see lots more pictures and details. 

via Jalopnik

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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Best Mars Curosity Rover Trivia You'll See All Day

I was cruising Jesse's Just A Car Guy Blog today, and saw something that I just had to steal borrow to share with my dozens of regular readers. Did you know that as the Mars Curiosity Rover travels across the surface of the red planet, it will be leaving the letters "JPL" on the surface in Morse Code? Check out the picture of the tire treads.

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As both a car guy, and a geek (I hold a Tech Plus amateur radio license), this is something that put a big smile on my face.

Here is another Morse code Easter Egg for those of you in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.  If you find yourself in the North Dallas area some night, take a look towards the Texas Instruments headquarters site near LBJ and US 75 (Central Expressway) and look for TI's radio antenna.  You'll see it because it flashes the letters "TI" in Morse Code (one long flash, then two short ones).  I wonder how many other Morse Code Easter eggs there are out there?

Just A Car Guy
The ARRL website about the tire tread code.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Boogie Woogie House Party

Why post another Marcia Ball music video? Because it's my blog and I want to, that's why! Besides, who doesn't like a little Boogie Woogie in their day?

This is Marcia Ball and Floyd Domino entertaining guests at a private house party. How come I never get invited to parties like this? Enjoy!

Here's bonus video of Marcia performing "Louella". Enjoy!