Sunday, April 10, 2011

Milburn Drysdale Seen in Chicagoland.

 By Caught At The Curb contributor: 
Rick Aurora

In the 1960's there was a well loved television show broadcast called the Beverly Hillbillies. The first show ran on CBS on September 26, 1962. The last show aired on March 23, 1971. It was a remarkable nine year run for a slim premise of hicks dropped into high class culture.

Many people were born after the original airing and it is rare the person who has not seen at least one episode of the show in it's constant reruns that ran for years and years.  The Clampett family were quite backwoods and they had way too much money. So, they had a banker take care of their money for them.

That banker went by the name of Milburn Drysdale. 

Mylburn Drysdale just loves the smell of money.

One of the show's primary sponsors was the Chrysler Corporation.  So, since Mr. Drysdale was a man of wealth(other people's) he always seemed to have a new car every season. His car of chose was, of course, an Imperial.

photo by: Rick Aurora
This car is a 1968 Crown Four Door Hardtop Imperial. It was seen parked on a suburban street of Chicago. It looks like Mr. Drysdale retired to Illinois. The 7.2 Liter(440cu in.) V-8 engine with a three speed TorqueFlight transmission has plenty powerful to move this 5,000 lb. car.

photo by: Rick Aurora
This car has very formal styling. The beautiful proportions of the rear deck(it holds lots of money) are mimicked in the tall roofline. Mr. Drysdale could wear his hat whilst driving this car.  The entire width of the rear is in tail lamps, simply elegant. 1968 was the first year that American automobiles were required to have side marker lamps. Notice the small square chrome on the left rear side near the bumper?

Of course the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills was Mr. Drysdale's bank.  Notice the Commerce Bank's license surround in the photo below?  

photo by: Milburn Drysdale

This special vanity plate is a nice tribute to a real memorable television show. 


  1. Nice car, nice story.

  2. I lived this time. Rick you did a great job. I can relate to this story. Keep up the good work of reminding all of us of our PAST.


  3. Yes, "Caught At The Curb" contributing car editor - Rick Aurora - again, writes a very impressive article and makes us all wish we too were the proud owners of a Chrysler Imperial - I wonder what they sold for at that time. In the late 1960's I had the opportunity to drive a family friend - he and his wife with ALL their luggage to O'Hare Airport. Chuck impressed upon me the fact that his car had a second motor/and so pointed it out in the large truck - just to run the A/C.
    Driving home alone - I made a point of driving the toll road a lot slower - for all to gaze/droll and wish they too - owned a CHRYSLER IMPERIAL.
    Bill-Sugar Grove


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