Sunday, April 3, 2011

Electric Cars of Springfield

In honor of Lil Red, who singlehandedly almost singlehandedly saved Doodles the cat (and I mean the ONLY almost the only one to save him), I present to you... the Harbinger, by Electric Cars of Springfield, MO.

The following is a writeup from FutureCars.

Electric Cars of Springfield Shows Off Their Tesla Competition

In brief: Electric Cars of Springfield (ECOS) introduced their all-electric supercar at SEMA 2009 in Las Vegas.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Harbinger
Electric Cars of Springfield

The word

ECOS Harbinger
The chassis design and body moulding were built entirely in-house at ECOS while the motor, controller, batteries and components were sourced elsewhere, but configured and installed at ECOS as well.
The design has obvious Lamborghini influences and just screams "high speed with style."
The Netgain DC motor lays rubber for the 0-60 at five seconds, but is electronically controlled at 117mph. 30kWh of lithium-ion phosphate batteries give the Harbinger up to 150 miles per charge.
ECOS is alive on both Facebook and Twitter and is taking pre-orders for a limited production run to start in February. By that time, the designers hope to have an improved controller and motor, which should bump the performance to under five seconds on that 0-60 and lower RPMs for higher efficiency.
The company started out last year doing VW Beetle restorations and conversions and still sells DIY electric car components.
Their next foray? The ECOS Fun, a drawing-board design that will come to fruition as a Jeep-style off roader with highway capability.

And so ...

The ECOS Harbinger can be pre-purchased for a total price tag of $89,995 (on delivery).
Photo credits: ECOS (Facebook)

Thanks again to Lil Red.

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