Sunday, April 3, 2011

1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III- Farm & Ranch Special

Huh?  Never heard of a Lincoln Farm and Ranch Special?  In Texas, gentleman ranchers had to have something more than a dirty old pickup truck.  This one is for sale too.

UPDATE:   The final selling price was $9,703.  Someone got a good deal. 

More pictures after the jump.

This 1971 Lincolnchero is for sale on eBay right now.  Here is your chance to own what many say is the best looking Mark series, and it's one that virtually no one else has.

"This beautiful collector’s item was part of a collection of a local collector.  The owner recently moved to a nursing home and we ended up with a several cars from his private museum.

It has a 460 cid V8 engine  with 365Horsepower with an automatic transmission, and has all the amenities that come standard with a luxury Lincoln."

Based on what we have been told, the Lincoln was professionally built and they used to call them Farm & Ranch SpecialThe work that has been done is absolutely exquisite.

Many thanks to Rick Aurora for the tip!


  1. . . . I thought that this was a professional car(as in funeral flower car.) It is similar to Cadillac flower cars. But the Farm and Ranch script might preclude that. It is a cool vehicle anyway.

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  4. I own the prototype for this this vehicle it was fabricated by Vortex Industries Pasadena, Ca in 1969 and was designed and produced for the 1968 or 1969 Automobile Show there were 3 Mark 111 cars pulled off the Wixson Plant line and built. I have been searching for information and would be interested in any information about this vintage vehicle.


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