Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grand News: Subaru Reveals Grand Outback

Grand News: Subaru Reveals Grand Outback |

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In a bid to continue its record-setting sales streak, Subaru of America today announced the debut of a new model, the Subaru “Grand” Outback.

The new model will be identical in looks to the current best-selling model but will be 50% bigger in every dimension.  This means that wheelbase increases from 107.9” to 166”, track is up from 61” to 90” and ground clearance up from an already class-leading 8.7” to 13”.

Subaru’s rationale behind the “Grand” Outback is simple: Its current generation of vehicles grew by 20% and corresponding sales grew by 50%.  Thus, by making Outback 50% larger still, Subaru can logically expect sales to more than double.

“It’s really very simple” said Chief Engineer Wattan Obveyus Johk  “We keep all the goods stuff: all-wheel drive and the Boxer engine, we just make everything bigger! The engine is now a 5.0 liter 12 cylinder boxer and wheels are now 34”.  It can’t fail, although you will need a step ladder to get into the vehicle.”

Subaru expects this vehicle to contribute to its continued sales success through 2011.
We at Subaru of America hope you have a happy April 1.

The maker did include this footnote:
Not really.  It’s an April Fool’s joke.  We did build one of these cars, but couldn’t get it out of the door.  The Legal guys make us add this.
I know that this is April 2nd, but I worked all day yesterday and couldn't keep up with all of the silly automotive press releases.  

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