Friday, April 15, 2011

AMC: What Could Have Been

Just a collection of some AMC concept and prototype cars from a once-proud US automaker.

NOTE:  The "Gremlins" are at work on this page.  To see enlarged pictures, please right-click and open the picture in a new tab/window, otherwise the 'back' button may not work.  Thanks!  

1968 AMX GT Showcar

1968 AMX GT Showcar
AMC Tarpon

AMC Tarpon
1965 AMC Cavalier Showcar
AMX wagon
1966 AMC AMX II Project IV Concept Car
1966 AMC AMX II Project IV Concept Car
1966 AMX Project Vixen
AMC AM Van concept
AMC concept

AMC concept (future Pacer)
AMX concept
AMX III concept
The one below isn't an AMC prototype or concept, but a real working car.  Maybe AMC missed out on something with the Pacer!

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