Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Stars And Their Cars

Rita Hayworth -- 1941 Lincoln Continental
Click on any of the photos to enlarge. 
Rita Laroy -- Ruxton

Anita Stewart -- 1930 Packard convertible sedan

? and Janet Gaynor -- MG-TD roadster

Jackie Coogan -- Rolls Royce(?)

Debbie Reynolds -- Facel Vega

Diana Dors -- 1955 Cadillac

Edmund Purdom -- unknown roadster

Errol Flynn -- Auburn Supercharged roadster

Clark Gable -- Duesenberg SJ

Paulette Goddard -- Rolls Royce(?)

Jean Harlow -- 1934 Cadillac town car

Janis Paige -- 1940-41 Mercury(?)

Jean Parker -- 1932 Chevrolet Six

Jill St. John -- 1958-60 Thunderbird

Marilyn Monroe -- Singer roadster

Clark Gable -- 1932 Packard V-12 roadster

Sandra Dee(?) - Mercedes 190SL

Doris Day -- 1949 Ford

Jean Harlow -- Cadillac cabriolet

Jackie Cooper -- first car

Robert Stack -- Jaguar XK120 FHC

Al Jolson & Ruby Keeler -- unknown car

William Powell and Gary Cooper in Cooper's Duesenberg J Derham Tourster

 Another view of Cooper's Dusey after some "modifications".

Priscilla Lane -- 1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8

Ginger Rogers(?) -- 1936-37 Dodge

Simone Simon -- Packard coupe

Unknown -- V12 Cadillac

Steve Cochran -- Porsche Speedster

Tyrone Power -- Jaguar XK120

Erich Von Stroheim -- Cadillac


  1. Nice list of old movie stars and their cars!!

  2. Vintage! Man, I really love the old models. I wish I could drive one of those, especially that 1936 Dodge and that Jaguar XK120. Hmm... I wonder which will win in a race. Haha!

  3. That's Doris Day, not Dinah Shore.

  4. Also, that's Mitzi Gaynor, not Janet Gaynor.

  5. 1954 CADILLAC it's Diana Dors not Marilyn!

  6. Ginger Rogers(?) Dodge is a 1936 Coupe

  7. Nice selection of vintage pics - thanks for posting!

  8. Oh, that's pretty cool. The classic cars are pretty stylish. Perhaps it's the black-and-white pictures, or the movie stars, but the automobiles of that time looked excellent. Tech-wise, they are pretty obsolete, but they still shine when it comes to looks.

  9. That's Doris day not Dinah Shore

  10. Diana Dors is driving a 1955 Cadillac 62 convertible, not a 1954.

  11. Mitzi Gaynor is with an MG TD model.
    That's Doris Day in a 1951 Ford.
    Diana Dors is in a 1955 Cadillac.
    Priscilla Lane is standing next to a 1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8, not a Packard Clipper.
    Ginger Rogers is with a 1936 Dodge.
    I don't think Gary Cooper's Duesenberg was a supercharged SJ, just a J

  12. Some corrections made and added another pictures of Gary Cooper's Dusenberg in a somewhat "modified" form. Thanks for all the contributions. Still not sure about the Doris Day/Diana Shore thing however. I've looked through period pictures of both of them and I'm still not convinced. Sources anyone?

  13. Jacques Bergerac is in the car pic with Mitzi Gaynor.

  14. Edmund Purdom's unknown roadster is an Aston Martin DB2.

  15. Those cars gave me goosebumps! Looking at the pictures is like going back to the past, when these cars were in their prime. That Porsche 356 is actually one of the Top Sports Cars of the 1960s, according to the Sports Car International. And you really can’t argue with that because, from its looks to its performance, this is one-of-a-kind sports car for its generation! :)


  16. pics of all the car is so cool with stars but all in this Debbie Reynolds
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  17. Mitzi Gaynor is with Jacques bergerac (husband of Dorothy Malone after Ginger Rogers) on the set "The Girls". celineColassin.

  18. Pictures are all so cool. I have chosen my favorite car among the featured and I guess I saw one from the offered cars of Lincoln cars dealers.

  19. yes thats doris day not dina shore.

  20. I liked the one with the tent trailer

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  23. The car Edmund Purdom is seated in is definitely an Aston Martin. If you compare dashes it looks like a 1952 model. Edmund bought the car used in the mid-1950s for 2000 pounds.
    Would be great to locate this car today if it is still around.


  25. Jill St. John is with a 1958 Thunderbird. Of the 3 Squarebird years only '58-'59 had that type of door trim. The '59 had a white center piece in the steering wheel, the '58 had black.

  26. Jill St. John is with a 1958 Thunderbird. Of the 3 Squarebird years only '58-'59 had that type of door trim. The '59 had a white center piece in the steering wheel, the '58 had black.

  27. Awesome classic cars .. really like these type of cars..

  28. Really this post has made my day. I love the photographs specially.

  29. awesome cars...
    such a rare cars.... appreciate your effort..

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  39. Re your Tuesday, April 12, 2011 post "Movie Stars and Their Cars"...
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