Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The $30,000 Pyramid

My parents sent me a newspaper clipping from the June 23, 2011 Aurora Beacon News (part of the Sun Times Media Group) about a local inventor, Greg Zanis, who is trying to produce his electric car.  Here are some of the highlights....
  • 500 miles between charges
  • 4 to 5 hours charge time
  • Bulletproof glass and gel tires
  • Life expectancy of a million miles
  • Eventual selling price of around $30,000 

Did I mention that it's shaped like a pyramid and seats one?  

UPDATE:  Check out Greg's website for the Pyramid Car.  

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  1. . . . I met this man and have seen the 'thing' up close. He is a very sincere fellow and a good dreamer. This vehicle is seemingly unconventional but it is neat. The idea seems to be solid. Hope he can make it happen.


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