Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is it, Pt. II

Identified!  Look after the jump....

I saw this thing on I-35E in Denton, Texas back in 2009.  I saw what looked like an oddly proportioned race car coming up in my mirrors, but couldn't get my cellphone camera ready before it passed me at around 75mph.

It's obviously a 4-wheeler, but it was low to the ground, had very streamlined bodywork including between the front and rear wheels, and very wide low profile tires.

Pretty cool looking, but I don't know how stable is would be on the highway.

Update:  I think I've identified it as a GG Quad

From Motorcycle USA


  1. Pretty sure that is a GG quad, an on road 4 wheeler powered by a BMW motorcycle engine. However, they aren't legal in America b/c motorcycles can have no more than 3 wheels.

  2. Oops, just read your update, sorry for the old news.

  3. Hey, no problem. Thanks for reading.

    I'm just wondering how he got it on the road legally (if it is). They also cost around $50K from what I've read. Must be a story there somewhere.


  4. Yes, there were two BMW-engined quads produced by G&G. First was the Boxer-powered Quad, then the K-bike-engined Quadster, tested here by

    Fun video!


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