Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Old Buick

 This is part of the "MY CARS" series.  

I'm going to start adding some of the cars I've owned over the years so you'll know what I not only like, but actually put some of my cash into.

To lead off, this was my 1953 Buick Special 4dr sedan.  Read more after the jump. 

I found this homely Buick in Weatherford, Texas back in the early 80's, and paid $600 for it.  It only had about 32,000 miles on it, but it had been setting for a few years.  It ran good, the paint was pretty good (those flakes on the hood in the pictures are leaves, not paint chips...LOL), and the interior was pretty good for it's age (no rips or anything).  I fired it up and drove it home, and actually used it as a second car and a Sunday cruiser.

It was the last year for the old Fireball Straight 8 engine that ran from 1931 to 1953.  1953 was also the first year of Buick's V8 (which was not offered in the Special).  My car also had the Dynaflow (Dynaslush?) transmission which is one of the smoothest I've ever driven, even if it was not particularly fast.

It was a cool car to drive.  So ugly, only a mother would love it, but we all know there are plenty of mothers out there.  I finally sold it when I got an urge for a convertible (to be covered later).


  1. Some people think that such cars won't ever beat newer ones when it comes to beauty, but experts think otherwise. If I found a car like that, I would buy it and restore it to its former glory.

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