Thursday, October 6, 2011

Financial Asshats

I took this picture a few weeks ago.  It's not very good, quality-wise, but shows not only the state of the economy, but some of the jerks that are profiting from other's misfortunes and their attitudes towards others.

Click on the picture to blow it up, then look at the license plate and the decal in the rear window.  Form your own conclusions. 

Click to enlarge


  1. . . . that is a not nice thing to be proud of. I could call this person a name but they would probably have heard it all before.

  2. Good shot, if you use a polarizing lens you can remove a lot of that inner windshield reflection when shooting... and you've proven my maxim that keeping a camera handy when driving is a great idea.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Jesse. I don't even remember what camera I used to get that shot. It was either a cheap point n' shoot digital one, or the Cisco Flip video camera I've been using lately. It shoots HD video, so I'll just shoot a few seconds of video from the hip and usually there are some frame grabs that have the perfect shot. I should be able to jerry rig a polarizing film over the lens. It won't look pretty, but it should work.


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