Saturday, June 11, 2011

Problems Shipping Cars Abroad Isn't New

Many of the car-people who's posts and stories I read online lament not being able to get, say, a Citroen or a diesel Toyota over here in the USA.  The laws and customs of countries sometimes forbid their importation.  We complain that it "didn't used to be like this", but it was.  In the following article from the Oct. 1930 issue of Popular Science, we are told how hard it is to export cars from the US to other countries.  Sometimes, it's the laws.  Sometime it is the customs of that country.  Enjoy!  

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  1. In my country (Nepal) , we can hardly have luxury car because of the contaminated gas we sell at the gas station. And the tax for imported car is so high that even the price of a regular car looks like that of a luxury a corolla 2011 would end up costing $76,000 including tax.

  2. That is crazy, Rajesh! Here in the US, a Toyota Corolla is hardly considered a luxury car and no one would pay $76,000 for one. Now, a Nissan Altima for example, would be a different story.


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